New Policies

Hello all! Here a few new things going on that you need to know about.

We now have the ability to put credit cards on file for future purchases. On request customers can have us retain one or more credit cards to have on file for single purchases or for customers with accounts a card is put on file to pay the balance of an account automatically after a statement has been sent. Auto-payments will be processed on or about the 10th of every month unless payment is made or other arrangements have been made. All cards on file are kept with our credit card processor, we do not keep any card info in our system or have any ability to access it. If your are interested please call us or come by our office to set up this service. If you already have a charge account with us, we are converting all of those accounts. If you have an account with us and received this letter you need to contact us to keep your account with us from this point forward as we are requiring that we have a card on file. All accounts will have auto-pay unless other arrangements are made with management.

Click here for (Card on File Authorization Form)

We would also like to have an e-mail address for you so we may send statements electronically or any other information we need to send you. Please contact us by e-mail at with all of your contact information and we will update our system. Please give us Name, address, phone #’s and e-mail. None of any of your information will be given out in any way.

Also new this year is deposit requirements for reservations.

Houseboat and Cottage deposits remain unchanged.

For Ski, Pontoon and fishing type boats reservations policies are as follows:

Hourly rentals are on a walk in availability basis.

One day reservations during weekdays, no deposit is required.

Reservations without deposits that are going to arrive after 10:00 AM must contact the marina with an agreed upon time of arrival or face the possibility of a no-show cancellation.

All weekend reservation require a deposit of rental in full, 30 days prior to reservation scheduled date.

Weekly rentals require a deposit of half the weekly price of unit rented.

Holiday rentals require full rental in advance.

Unless stated otherwise above a verbal reservation will hold unit for 10 days at which time a deposit must be in place or unit will be cancelled.

For Stalls & Camp Sites

All Holiday reservations require a deposit of full rental and must be paid 30 days prior to start of reservation. Non payment of deposit on time will cancel reservation.

In case of cancellation of any reservation other than Houseboats, deposits will be refunded only upon re-rental of unit and after date of reservation. All but a paperwork fee will be refunded or transferred to a new reservation in same calendar year.

Hope to see you all soon!

Rob & crew at 101 Boat Dock